Hold On, Let Go

In her book, Hold On, Let Go, Nadine reflects on her husband’s strength and courage, on their faith in God and exceeding hope, and on the sorrow and joy of learning to let go.

This book offers lessons in both how to handle life with purpose and enjoyment, as well as facing an impending death with grace and dignity. Be prepared to have your eyes opened and your heart touched."
Dr. Tom Blackaby
Author, International Speaker, Blackaby Ministries International
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Impact, Encouragement, Inspiration

Every once in a while you read a book that you carry around in your purse, so every free moment (at the dentist, in the car waiting for the kids or on a coffee break) you can dig it out and get drawn into it's pages...this is that book. This book highlights a remarkable love between two people and their incredible journey. While enjoying that, it also helps us to see our lives with clarity and shows us that we all have room for more gratitude despite our circumstances."
Shereesse Macdonald
Most of us are in pursuit of the ‘abundant life’. Nadine & Mike found it in the most unthinkable circumstance. Their story is real life: welcoming, gripping, inspiring, challenging! By inviting us into the living room of their lives, we laugh and cry with them, as they gently teach us that everything we experience is a possibility toward the ‘abundant life’ that Jesus invites us to. No matter what you are experiencing today, spending some time reading Hold On, Let Go will only enhance your journey."
Wally Nickel
This book will indeed challenge the reader to savour every moment, to be thankful in all circumstances and to embrace love. It’s hard to put down."
Linda M
A beautiful story of courage, faith, hope and love. It will change how people think about life and death."