Welcome to my blog!

I write about faith, hope, grief, love – the highs and lows, the holding on             and letting go… that kind of stuff.

Type A, Plan B

My Amazon book launch is just a few days away: Wednesday, November 6. If you haven’t seen my book launch/Best Seller campaign event on Facebook,

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My blog, ALS with Courage, is where my writing began. Mike and I agreed, if telling our story was helpful to even one person, it was well worth sharing. We received an overwhelming response and quickly realized it was helpful to many.

It’s a ‘stay positive in difficult times story’ about our journey with terminal illness. It’s about giving thanks in every circumstance, having faith, being hopeful and bottom line, it’s about love.

As I continue to write about life after Mike’s passing, ALS with Courage continues to speak to the hearts of people all over the world.