The Teenager in Me, Pretty in Pink & Ophelia’s Granny

Top photo: me with granddaughters Leah (11 yrs) and Ophelia (3 1/2 months) I can’t believe August is already more than half over. It feels just like yesterday summer came calling and since then, it’s been slipping through my fingers like water. In my opinion, there are not enough days, weeks, even months in the […]

Read, pray, love… and listen: Finding our way to justice for all and anti-racism

Pictured are the young hands of neighbourhood friends of my granddaughter Leah and her little bro, Emerson. This joyful photo was taken in their backyard by their mom, Katrina. I love this photo and think of it as the next generation reaching high for a bright and hopeful future filled with peace, understanding and brotherly/sisterly […]

A Wake-up Call and a Win Win Situation

The above photo: When it comes to social distancing, you can’t teach an old dog (or young ones) this new trick. Leo in back with a ball in his mouth and our grand dogs, Glen the pug and Dobby in front. The other night (it was about four o’clock in the morning actually), I woke […]

The Week I Stopped Praying and How it Strengthened my Faith

While watching church on TV the Sunday before last, the story was told of Paul and Silas. I thought how fitting a story it is to tie in with this blog post…   The Apostle Paul, missionary and writer of about half the New Testament of the Bible, was no stranger to hardships. Not only […]

He Makes My Heart Sing

Photo credit: Warin Marie Photography Four years ago yesterday, and I’m not good with dates, but I won’t forget this one. It’s the only day of the year that tells you to do something—March 4th! I actually posted that exact quote on Facebook that morning, and then in the evening, received a message that challenged […]

Little Me, Big You: Anxiety and Fear vs. Love and Truth

While lying face up on the acupuncture table the other day, with needles in my cheeks, ears, head and hands, I felt more vulnerable than I have since I don’t know when. Usually I lay on my stomach, with my face in the hole and needles in my neck and shoulders.  I added acupuncture to […]

You Are Loved! In Memory of Michael Sands, 5 Years in Heaven

I’ve been volunteering for a few years now at a place called Holyrood Manor. I’ve mentioned it in my writing before. My sister Elanna works there. I take Chris’ and my dog, Leo, and my daughter Madison’s dog, Glen. With big smiles, the dogs are always welcomed, here where mostly senior folks live—many dealing with […]

Joyful (even giddy sometimes) but Grieving

My husband, Chris, and I exchanged a certain look the other night while we were getting ready for bed. It was a look that inspired me to quickly finish brushing my teeth and go find my hairbrush so I could fix the disheveled ponytail on my head. As I giddily hurried to the other bathroom, […]

Prettier in Person and Even More Beautiful on the Inside

Before I get into this short and sweet (perhaps a little cheesy) blog post, I’d like to make mention of my mom, Sheila Mary Klassen, who passed away three years ago today (Nov 22). She was called “pretty” a lot. I was with her on numerous occasions when friends and complete strangers used the word […]

Type A, Plan B

My Amazon book launch is just a few days away: Wednesday, November 6. If you haven’t seen my book launch/Best Seller campaign event on Facebook, find the link at the bottom of this post and/or go to my Facebook page. This one’s about the difficulty of releasing my book knowing it’s probably not perfect, […]