Man of Sorrows: The Source of Lasting Joy

It’s been an exciting few weeks since my big TV debut! If all the encouraging and kind comments on social media and text messages weren’t enough, I was also spotted while shopping at London Drugs. I heard, “Hey, I saw you on The 700 Club.” I felt like a celebrity for the two seconds it […]

The Purple Flower by Chris Ryan

Photo of Chris, an avid hiker, looking at Stave Lake from Hunter Trail in Mission, B.C. FYI, I am not the only writer in this household. Below is a beautiful and moving story, written five years ago today (March 9), by my husband Chris. Also, I have a special announcement at the bottom of this post. Be […]

Talk by Faith: The Power in Telling Your Story

I have had the verse, “We walk by faith, not by sight,” (2 Cor 5:7) on my mind since my last post. Comparing this verse with this post’s title, you might think that one or the other contains a typo.  There is no typo. Let me explain… After sharing my last post on my Facebook […]

A Woman with an Issue of Blood and the Love that Made Her Whole

The first half of this piece includes part of a post I wrote years ago about a nameless woman at the end of her rope. Her affliction? A menstrual issue: non-stop bleeding. I am captivated by her story once more having recently read through the books of Mathew, Mark and Luke. Perhaps her tremendous courage […]

New Year, New You! Exercising Faith, Hope & Joy

New Year, New You! This was my slogan. I thought it was original… and quite brilliant if I do say so myself. I can’t remember the year exactly—it was maybe 2007 or 2008. I managed the group fitness programs for the City of Maple Ridge where I live. When this catchy phrase came to my […]

Comfort and Joy at a Time Like This? (Embracing the embrace)

It was still dark—I guessed it was around six o’clock. I’m talking about last Monday morning. I had been fully awake for at least an hour. I could faintly hear the sound of rain outside along with the white noise of the fan on low in the corner. I laid there and prayed and pondered […]

Be Like a Tree – Let Go! Resting in God’s sovereignty; in faith and hope

The season of fall rarely passes by without some written poetic rambling on my part. I have a tendency to get all gushy and starry eyed about its hypnotic charm. When it’s gone, I look back and wonder why I was so entranced—until it returns, and then it makes perfect sense. Just this morning, when […]

The Teenager in Me, Pretty in Pink & Ophelia’s Granny

Top photo: me with granddaughters Leah (11 yrs) and Ophelia (3 1/2 months) I can’t believe August is already more than half over. It feels just like yesterday summer came calling and since then, it’s been slipping through my fingers like water. In my opinion, there are not enough days, weeks, even months in the […]

Read, pray, love… and listen: Finding our way to justice for all and anti-racism

Pictured are the young hands of neighbourhood friends of my granddaughter Leah and her little bro, Emerson. This joyful photo was taken in their backyard by their mom, Katrina. I love this photo and think of it as the next generation reaching high for a bright and hopeful future filled with peace, understanding and brotherly/sisterly […]

A Wake-up Call and a Win Win Situation

The above photo: When it comes to social distancing, you can’t teach an old dog (or young ones) this new trick. Leo in back with a ball in his mouth and our grand dogs, Glen the pug and Dobby in front. The other night (it was about four o’clock in the morning actually), I woke […]