Hi, I’m Nadine

You are obviously on this page to find out a little bit about me. I’m guessing you’ll give me a few sentences to capture your attention and, if that happens, you’ll most likely continue reading. So my goal is to keep this short and sweet and, yawn free; my intention is connection. Here goes…

These are a few ways to describe me, in no particular order: As well as an author and blogger, I’m a rock collector, sunset chaser and cat person turned dog freak. I’m a Jesus worshiper, fitness instructor, nature lover and (slightly obsessed) photo-taker. I’m an education assistant, avid Googler and keen student of life, love and God. I’m a mom, stepmom, grandma, sister, daughter, auntie, cousin, niece, friend and wife (again).

Writing was like a calling. In 2011, a thought to start a blog came to me shortly after my late husband, Mike, was diagnosed with the terminal illness, Lou Gehrig’s disease. I named it “ALS With Courage” – it was a great way to reveal his incredible spirit and it was free therapy for me; I was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was also somewhat of a ministry.

My first book, Hold On, Let Go – facing ALS with courage and hope, launched three months after Mike’s earthly adieu. Since then, I’ve continued to blog and have just finished my second book about my journey of grief and love.

If I were to title this next chapter of my blogging, I’d call it something like, “Joy and grief - how they coexist in my life quite nicely”.

I write about the highs and lows – the holding on and letting go, a Living Hope – my Redeemer and Friend Jesus. I write about faith in God, His vast and extravagant love, the wonders He has done… and other just ordinary stuff.

A few of my life goals: to forever make words flow; to be more window—less wall (aka transparent and vulnerable); to glorify God and praise Him forever; to serve and show God’s love to others; to compare myself only to the person I was created to be and not let my fears stop me from anything (or at least not many things); to march forth in faith, trusting and loving Him with all my heart and soul and strength.

I live in Maple Ridge, B.C., Canada with my husband, Chris, and dog, Leo. We love spending time with family and going for walks and exploring the outdoors. We have a heart for missions and, since Chris and I got married in 2017, he’s been to Malawi Africa a number of times with my dad to drill wells through our family charity, Project Wellness.

If you are still reading, that’s awesome – I’m honoured! I hope you’ll read my blog and find encouragement, hope, comfort or something meaningful there for you.

Many blessings!