Nickels from Heaven and Beautiful Ambitions

There are two parts to this post. First, a heartwarming story I’m honoured to share. When my friend Paige told me this story, I laughed out loud and was moved to tears.

I’m calling it, Nickels from Heaven, by Paige Langston

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in my neighbourhood in Burnaby, all the kids knew who Jimmy the popsicle man was. Jimmy was a legend in the area. That wonderful man, with a heart of gold, and ice cold popsicles in the heat of summer, is a beautiful memory of my childhood.

One warm August evening, I heard Jimmy coming. It was the familiar music from his VW Bug with ice cooler in the back, that alerted me from down the street. No one was home so I grabbed my sister Robyn’s rabbit nickels and ran outside to make a purchase. Without giving it any thought, I traded her beloved rabbit nickel collection for a fleeting, yet delicious, cherry flavoured popsicle. Over the years Robyn frequently teased me about it—all in good fun.

About six years ago, I came across a chance to buy some rabbit nickels (I work at a bank), so I bought them. I think it was .30 or .45 cents worth. I taped them in a card and mailed them to her, for a joke. 

The day I found out the severity of Robyn’s unexpected and very sudden cancer diagnosis, I was at work and in absolute shock! Some co-workers and I were getting organized to do our first TikTok video, and when I walked out the front door of the bank to make sure it looked tidy, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a rabbit nickel on the ground right in front of me. I took that as a sign to go and spend as much time with Robyn as possible. And I’m so glad I did—what a gift!

I was incredibly blessed to be there with her at the end of her beautiful, love filled, happy life.

I feel extremely blessed and honoured to have had her as my sister and dearest friend. She was my biggest fan and I was hers. Robyn lived life to the fullest in all its beauty and wonder. Everyone who knew her was touched by her kindness, love, and laugher… and we will be forever changed.

Beautiful sisters, Robyn on the left and Paige on the right.

The above picture is the two of us holding a cherished book titled Jesus Calling with that rabbit nickel I found taped inside. Robyn died a few weeks later, on July 18, 2022.

Paige’s beautiful tribute to Robyn is a timely and gentle reminder to hold our loved ones close and to cherish the moments and the memories.

I applaud Paige for being so brave and vulnerable as she reluctantly let this story go. It took her some time to write it out and send it over, but when she did, she fully let it go. She even told me to make any changes I thought were necessary. I tweaked it a little—just to make it sound the way it made me feel when she first told it to me.

I’m thankful to Paige for allowing me to share this story, and for giving me a reason to post something here to my blog. It has been a long time.

So now the second part of this post… it has to do with beautiful ambitions. I hope you’ll keep reading because this reminder to me could be a New Year’s message for all of us.

I kind of gave up on my blog. I have been completely unmotivated because of what the stats from my last post (way back in May) showed me. The stats from my last post (how many received it in their email, compared to how many clicked on the link to actually read it) proved very few were interested. I know those who receive it by email aren’t the only people who read my blog but it convinced me that everyone had lost interest. I know blogs aren’t what they used to be. People are more interested in pod casts and videos than reading blogs (including me). That may be true but I had to ask myself if I was doing it for the masses or for the few that perhaps are interested in the message God laid on my heart to share. Was I only here for the big fanfare? For affirmation, for applause? It’s a humbling question to ask.

Bob Goff, author, speaker, and coach says in a recent Instagram post, “You have a big idea and a beautiful ambition and you are waiting for someone to tell you it’s okay. This beautiful ambition about making a difference in your life and/or other people’s lives—it’s okay—stop waiting for other people’s permission. Stop giving people control over this.” The next statement made me laugh and also think twice, “The only time you will do things is when people clap. That’s what happens at the circus… it doesn’t need to happen in your life.”

I often have big ideas (and small ones) and beautiful ambitions but feel the need for permission, or praise, or affirmation in some way… from someone. God is the only One I should need approval from.

I hope this year, you and I will draw confidence from God, and direction from Him to pursue some ideas (of varying sizes) and beautiful ambitions. The only stamp of approval needed is His.

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

“Now may the God of peace…equip you with everything good for doing his will, and may he work in us what is pleasing to him.” Hebrews 13:20-21

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

Happy New Year!

FYI, I continue to post a mid-week Word of encouragement and quick prayer video on social media. If you are interested in checking it out, follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Much love and God bless!

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8 Responses

  1. Nadine I always enjoy your blogs,they always speak to my heart so don’t stop writing them please you never know how impactful your words could be even if it’s only one person,it could change a life..

    1. Oh that is good. So true and so good. Thank you! Funny, because He was speaking to me along these lines. xoxo

  2. Thank you for posting this beautiful article, as it’s always a good reminder to hold those dear to us close 💞
    I am one of Paige’s close gfriend’s & love that story.

    1. I just love it too. A touching, feel-gooder kind of story. I’m honoured to share it. Thanks for your comment Tami. xo

  3. Nadine, this came to me at the perfect time. I think people call it God’s timing. I sent my bike trip friends an email this morning about how crummy I am feeling. Two weeks after getting the dreaded cold/flu/covid diagnosis, I can’t seem to get my mojo back. I, too, love doing things for other people, and of course, I love the many thanks I get in response. Your blog brought to mind my reason for writing three books, blogs, developing courses, teaching fitness, and taking care of my family. I genuinely love doing all these things, so why am I feeling so tired and overwhelmed? Just the other day, I revolted against making my husband lunches. The same boring sandwiches I have made him for twenty years. He was completely fine with my decision. Meanwhile, I wonder if I will always feel this way. But wait, I have responsibilities and a life to live. Long story short, your blog was uplifting and encouraging. In addition to being informative, I have never heard of rabbit nickels, and I love your friend’s beautiful memory. And speaking about love, I thoroughly love your blogs! Please keep writing them. Thank you!

    1. Oh Karen, I just love hearing from you… your thoughts, ideas, what’s happening in your life and so on. Thank you for sharing from your heart. Finding balance sometimes isn’t easy. I hope you get the rest you need and then proceed with your ideas and ambitions as God leads. Love and blessings my friend. xoxo

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