Talk by Faith: The Power in Telling Your Story

I have had the verse, “We walk by faith, not by sight,” (2 Cor 5:7) on my mind since my last post. Comparing this verse with this post’s title, you might think that one or the other contains a typo. 

There is no typo. Let me explain…

After sharing my last post on my Facebook page, I felt like it just wasn’t enough. The story I wrote about, one of my favourites from the Bible, is extremely compelling and I wanted as many people to read about it as possible. So I sent it to a number of woman friends via Facebook messenger.

If you missed the post, it’s about a woman at the end of her rope, who exercises amazing faith and is forever changed by doing so (from Mark 5). (I’ll share the link below)

I’ve been intrigued with this scripture for a long time. The courageous nameless jewish woman in the story has a major menstrual issue. She has endured nonstop bleeding for twelve years.

Here’s a quote:

She would have been socially ostracized, possibly friendless … helpless … isolated … desperate. Then comes a glimmer of hope—Jesus! I imagine her courage would have barely outweighed her fear. But with no other options, she takes a chance and risks it all. Had she been recognized — big trouble! She pushes through the crowd anyway, reaches out, and touches His robe. Instantly she’s healed!

It’s a powerful story and I felt led to spread the inspiration, the encouragement, and the love.

Many of the women who replied to my message told me how this story has ministered to them at different times in their lives. A few commented that it was perfect timing and shared why. Some asked for prayer.

I was honoured. I was also very humbled because it was my intention to inspire and encourage them, but they inspired and encouraged me. My faith was strengthen by their stories. And, their courage and vulnerability reminded me of the woman in the story.

The woman in the story was instantly healed by reaching out and touching the hem of Jesus’ clothing. And even though there were many crowded bodies around them, Jesus asked who it was that touched Him. In doing so, He gave this anonymous woman a chance to speak and the opportunity to profess her faith publicly. I imagine the people around them would have stopped frozen, and with all ears open, they would have heard her proclaim, “I’ve been healed!”

After she confessed it was she who touched Him (with much fear and trembling), He extended this amazing blessing: “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” Mark 5:34

The responses I received from the messages I sent were a good reminder of how powerful our stories can be. But they are only powerful if we tell them… whether to a crowd or just one person. 

Our tests become testimonies! They minister to others and help strengthen the faith of those around us. They connect us and help us relate to each another.

So, back to my title and the verse I opened with, as we walk by faith we are often called to talk about our faith… to tell of the wonders He has done—the answered prayers or unanswered prayers and so on. 

We all bleed, we all greave, we all suffer to one degree or another. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone, isn’t it? It’s nice to know we have each other, and we have Jesus!

I end with one more quote from my post:

Even though this woman had been rejected by people, she was accepted by Jesus. Even though everyone would have stayed clear of her, Jesus drew near to her. He took her shame and disgrace away and applauded her faith. He gave her a voice, restored her to her community and called her “daughter.” He made her whole and made her His own.

Here is the post in full: A broken woman with an issue of blood and the Love that made her whole.

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6 Responses

  1. I must first remark on your writing. You have a beautiful way of getting your message across; thank you for sharing such an inspirational word with eloquence, sensitivity and tremendous biblical knowledge. And thank you for writing about women to women. Especially when we are speaking up and trying to find our voice and be heard, there is so much meaning in this blog. I can hardly wait for your next one!

    1. Thank you Karen for this! I appreciate you reading and commenting with such encouraging and meaningful feedback. Yes, I think this topic could be a whole book. I kept this post short, but I could have easily gone a lot deeper… maybe I will in the future. Thanks again and God bless you!

  2. Nadine/Karen… you both write beautifully. Truly powerful. Never doubt you are making a profound difference. Thank you.

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