He Makes My Heart Sing

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Four years ago yesterday, and I’m not good with dates, but I won’t forget this one. It’s the only day of the year that tells you to do something—March 4th! I actually posted that exact quote on Facebook that morning, and then in the evening, received a message that challenged me to do just that.

I’ve told this story a number of times before, but it’s definitely worth repeating. Here are the Coles Notes: I was trying to mentally prepare that night for a speech I was giving at a conference the next day. Battling fear and doubt, I took a time-out to check my email and messages etc. There, to my pleasant surprise, was a message from a man I didn’t know. It was his story of love, loss and how my writing helped in his healing process. He wanted to say thank you and wish me well at the conference.

He wrote that he had hoped to attend the conference so he could tell me his story in person and have me sign his copy of my book, but unfortunately he had to work. He explained how he found my book — that he saw it from across the store on a wall of many books, and that mine was the only one he could see. The look of love on the cover called him over, and the title, Hold On, Let Go, spoke, “I can help you.” He told me, it was true—it did help him.

I was a grieving widow, 14 months in, and never in my wildest dreams did I expect this: a man that made my heart sing. The singing grew stronger as I got to know him. It was like talking to an old friend during our first telephone conversation. Quickly, I was smitten … I think it’s safe to say, it was even quicker for him. 

Our feelings of “like, like” became “love” almost over night, and I learned that I was capable of loving another man, even though I would always love Mike. I also learned that, although I would never “move on” from Mike, I was able to carry on. “Moving forward,” (or March forth) became my motto, and l continue to march forth, with Mike forever in my heart.

Fourteen months after Chris sent me that message, he and I got married, and I can’t imagine my life without him. I am extremely grateful for Chris and for his vulnerability and courage to reach out to me, and to God, for His mercy, generosity and extravagant love.

The store Chris found my book at is the House of James Christian book store (and gifts and cafe) in Abbotsford, B.C. I am going to be there this Saturday (March 7) selling and signing books from 11:00 – 1:00. And guess what? Chris is coming with me! Come see us and spend a little time at the House of James (2743 Emerson St). 

Purchase my latest book, High and Wide: When Grief and Love Collide, this Saturday at the House of James, and get my first book for only $10.

Below: the first 2 pictures are from my recent book signing at Indigo in Langley and the others are from my book signing last Saturday at T’s / Once Upon a Tea Leaf, here in Maple Ridge.

You can also purchase my books online at Amazon, Indigo or Goodreads!

A huge thank you goes to the Maple Ridge News for the beautiful article in last weeks paper. Here’s the link: Maple Ridge author shares story of grief, hope

One more thing, if you have read one or both of my books and found them beneficial in any way, or just good reads, I’d really appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon (and/or Indigo or Goodreads). Thanks a million!

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