Dances With Leaves

The way the sun has shone on the autumn leaves in the trees these past few weeks has got me dwelling on the extreme beauty this season brings. The sun is lower in the sky and instead of shining from above it comes in from the side like a spot light and illuminates the brilliance of the simple, yet remarkably crafted, fragile leaf.

Fall captivates me; it romances me. It causes emotions to run wild in me. I liken it to the crescendo that bridges the third and fourth movements of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. I’m not much of a classical music listener but this is the best way I can think to describe what this magical buildup to the passing of the life of the leaf is like. Whether it lets go of the tree or the branch sets it free, it’s graceful dancing decent in the breeze causes a dancing on the inside of me.

Eventually, the vibrant canopy that dazzled overhead becomes a lush, colourful carpet under feet. I love the variety of oranges and yellows and greens, but it’s the deep reds that really mesmerize me and at the age of 49, I’m like a kindergarten student again collecting and examining leaves for the first time.

I have an aunt in Hospice right now who is patiently waiting for the Lord to take her home to Heaven. While my sister Elanna and I were there visiting recently, she said she couldn’t understand what the Lord was waiting for. Elanna told her that He has the exact perfect time in mind. Elanna explained that He’s most likely preparing her family to say good bye and He’s still using her here to be a glorious witness for Him. Our aunts reply: “Wow, really? Ok, sounds good!”

It’s been a huge blessing spending more time with our aunt since her cancer diagnosis. Elanna and I have enjoyed our “girl time” with her in Hospice and are reminded over and over again of our mom, who one year ago went to hospital to fight her own cancer battle. As heart broken as I still am, I can’t help but compare that experience and now my aunt’s, to the exquisite journey of the simple, yet remarkably crafted, fragile leaf.

“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven”           Ecclesiastes 3:1


I barely finish this post and guess what? It starts to snow.

I had to put a piece I’ve been working on for weeks on hold lately. I switched to this one about the leaf, not that this one was necessarily easy. I’ve been writing about my dear friend Randy. Every time I go and add a few sentences, I end up crying like a baby. I didn’t realize how much grief I have stuffed. He passed away with ALS one month after my mom died. Anyway, writing about Randy, anticipating my mom’s one year anniversary and spending time with my aunt in Hospice lately, is causing me to be slightly (and sometimes extremely) weepy and a little distracted I guess (and it doesn’t help that I’ve recently binge-watched the show ‘This Is Us’, and that I was (and maybe still am) concussed… and that I have a tendency to cary the weight of other people’s burdens on my shoulders). I don’t feel like the “Nadine who can do anything and everything” I have at times before. So friends and family, please be patient with me. In fact, let’s be patient with everybody because you never know what the next person is going through.

Having said the above, I’d also like to say, that the joy of the Lord never leaves me. The joy of the Lord is my strength! And I am absolutely full of it (joy that is). I am so grateful for the constant presence of the Lord in my life and like Psalm 16:11 says, “In His presence there is fullness of joy.” I’m always in awe of His beauty that surrounds me and I wonder how anyone can say, “Where is He?” I find His strong presence there in nature, whether I’m outside enveloped by His genius artistry or just looking through my window at the leaves blowing in the breeze, I’m forever saying, “God, you’re amazing!”

In other news, I am so happy to report that my dad, George and my husband Chris recently returned from Malawi Africa where they had three more wells drilled. That makes wells number 37, 38 and 39 for Project Wellness Wow!! Check out the Facebook page for pictures and other news.

ALSO… (a drum roll would be suitable right here) I’m so proud and excited to announce that ‘The Event Horizon’ by Nathaniel G Sands (my son) was released on Oct 31. I read part of the manuscript of this deep, philosophical, post-apocalyptic, si-fi adventure that reads like poetry (it might be a little out of my league) and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Here is where you can find it:  The Event Horizon

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